Happy Friday! Our office wants to congratulate another Mercy College graduate, Ms. Jimenez. Ms. Jimenez earned her bachelor’s degree in Legal Studies. She was recognized by the Legal Studies Honors program.

“I admire my parents for not only leaving Mexico but working rough sometimes discriminating jobs. I thank them for their sacrifice and for never allowing me to forget my roots. Gracias Ma y Pa.”

Ms. Jimenez family

Ms. Jimenez is the second in her family to graduate with a bachelors. Ms. Jimenez parents migrated from Mexico to the U.S in the late 80’s searching for a better future. Her mother worked in factories while her father worked late nights in restaurants in Brooklyn and Yonkers.

It wasn’t until the mid 90’s when Mr. Jimenez obtained his citizenship. Thus, deciding to move his family to a quite and friendly town known as Brewster.

With his status and other relatives, they were able to start a business corporation, providing Ms. Jimenez and her siblings stability. Stability which enabled her to continue a higher education.