Domestic violence leaves women feeling vulnerable and paralyzed. Women with no legal status, often find themselves scared to speak up. The abuser finds their way to control their time, money and even appearance. Abusers may also have violent outbursts that may eventually lead to physical violence.

Alicia Norman* contacted our office looking for help after her abuser had nearly left her dead. Our office is proud to share the outcome of her case, despite having gone through severe mental and physical pain.

“I met Robert in Guatemala since his family was a distant family friend. We got married shortly after and had our first son. After our first son, he started going out and drinking excessively. He’d get home only to humiliate me in front of my family. My family was very traditional and pressured me to remain with him. However, there was little we could offer our son econmically, so we decided to leave Guatemala. Once established in the U.S., I found myself working far more hours than Robert. Robert would use my money to get intoxicated. We had our second child after a few years and things between got worse. While working, Robert carelessly left our son alone causing him to fall off the bed. He had a few bruises and I left my job to take care of him. On various occasions he’d get drunk and hit me then leave. I tried to leave him, but he’d manipulate me into staying. He’d say he would call ICE or call the police that I wasn’t capable to take care of my son.  In April of 2009, I noticed he’d be on his phone more often than usual. I decided to confront him and he was enraged. He punched me multiple times and kicked me.  I had enough and called the police. I filed the police report knowing I was finally going to change my life and better my sons life.”

*name has been changed to protect clients identity.