If you’re looking for U.S. citizenship, one of the requirements is proof of good moral character. The best way to prove this is gathering letters in which is clear that you don’t have any criminal history and has established good relationships with your community.

USCIS Policy Manual says that good moral character means that a person’s conduct “measures up to the standards of average citizens of the community in which the applicant resides.”

Also, these letters have to establish a relationship with the applicant and the person who writes the letter, whether is a friend, a neighbor, an employer, a community group/religious leader, etc.

Things you should consider

Remember that you don’t need to be a saint to be considered “of good moral character.” Your moral character and personal standards likely exceed the necessary qualifications.

If you don’t have criminal convictions and are generally a law-abiding member of your neighborhood, it shouldn’t be too difficult to show good moral character. Just be sure to honest in all of your descriptions.

If a minor crime or activity that may show a lack of good moral character applies to you, you may consider waiting until the statutory 5 years have gone by with a “clean” record before applying.

You should also be prepared to prove solid employment and family and community involvement within those 5 years to show reformed character and conduct.

What the writer needs to know

If you’re the writer of the letter and you don’t know how to start it, let us give you a few tips.

First of all, write the current date and make a lovely salutation. After that, in the first paragraph, introduce yourself. State your name, profession, relationship to the requestor. Also, explain how you know him and from how long.

Next, you have to explain the character of the applicant positively, you have to make it glow. This is required as it is needed in testimonials of good character to support naturalization or avoid deportation.

The letter should conclude with a recommendation that the applicant will feel good that he/she has requested about. Add your contact information in order to they contact you for any queries. In the end, give warm regards and your sign and name written.

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