Westchester County speaks: “Don’t Deport My Mommy”

Westchester County has seen the struggle many immigrants face. The discrimination, separation but also a sign of hope from members of the community. Very few have decided to publicly speak about their refuge from immigration authorities.

One of the few of Westchester County community is Aura Hernandez, a Guatemalan immigrant and a mother. In doing so, she […]

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Westchester County Immigrant Protection Act

On Monday, March 12th, the Westchester County board of legislators voted 11-3 to sign the Immigrant Protect Act. The bipartisan act aims to protect confidential information of all Westchester county residents, regardless of status.
Westchester County Executive George Latimer stated, “The Board of Legislators came together in a bi-partisan way, with the assistance of law […]

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Immigration Interview



A marriage petition is an entire process made up of gathering evidence, demonstrating to an immigration officer the bonafide marriage and patiently awaiting the next step. The immigration officer will ask a series of questions, that can be overwhelming. Mr. Garcia and his wife took the initiative to contact immigration attorney, Mr. Binder. Mr. Binder was able to offer his extensive experience as well as expertise on the nature of the case. When the interview day came, as expected both seemed anxious but were not intimidated by the officers. Instead relied on experienced attorney, Mr. Binder to prepare them for the  interview.

For more information regarding marriage petitions or interview preparation, please visit out website. For any questions concerning marriage petitions or other immigration matters, feel free to call us at (888) 959-1022.


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Have You Filed 2017 Tax Return?

With many changes occurring in our country, our taxes have also been affected. IRS started processing 2017 tax returns on January 29th and set a deadline for April 17, 2018. A change that many tax payers will notice is an increased Child Tax Credit and increased standard deduction.
Need help to file your 2017 Tax […]

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Becoming U.S. Citizens: New Year, New Status!

With 2017 wrapping up, many are ending 2017 with new status. In Poughkeepsie, NY, a few finished the year by becoming U.S. Citizens. The 56 new U.S. Citizens were celebrated in the Naturalization Ceremony. Dutchess Count Clerk, Bradford Kendall states, “the ceremony served as a celebration to welcome these new citizens.”
U.S. citizens are granted […]

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Before the Year ends, check your Green Card!!!

With 2017 wrapping up, many details (like your green card) should be checked making sure you are starting the New Year off smoothly.

This may be a great opportunity to go over important dates with your immigration documents. For those holding Permanent Resident status, it’s important to check over the expiration. Even those with prior […]

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Tips for Marriage Interview Anxiety!

Question: I have a date for my marriage interview with my spouse. What should we do to prepare for it?

Once you have successfully complied all required and supporting documentation to USCIS, you’ll be sent a letter. The letter does not give an interview date right away. The letter is related to biometrics and […]

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What is a I-130?

Q: My wife and I have been married for 18 years, we have two U.S born children. Our children are about to enroll in College. We have a stable life since I am a U.S citizen my employment allows me to provide for my family. My wife has no legal status and has been dedicated […]

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Applying for U-Visa after being a Victim

On October 20th, 2017, Las Vegas suffered one of the worst shooting of 2017. During the Route 91 Harvest Festival many were celebrating country music when they were surprised by gun shots. Stephen Paddock was behind the gun shots, shooting from the 32nd floor, in the Mandalay Bay Hotel.

Many of those who attended the […]

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Permanent Residents: Get Your Citizenship now!

This year’s presidential campaign is very frightening to everyone who is living in this country as permanent residents (or “green card” holders). Why? Because Donald Trump is using language in his race for the Republican nomination that speaks to deporting millions of undocumented people living here, building a wall between the US and Mexico, […]

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