There are certain mistakes commonly committed by US nationals and immigrants while applying for Green Card through marriage.

This mistakes can be avoided easily, however, because many immigrants aspire to have the green card as soon as possible, they often ignore several things that they should not do during this process.

Having outdated information or forms

One simple advice is that you have to be up-to-date about Immigration fees and forms because they are regularly updated. You need to check the current forms and fee structure before submitting the application for Green Card through marriage just to make sure USCIS accept your application.

Wrong Category

A common mistake is not knowing which is the right form for you or your partner. You need to choose the right application, meet all the requirements appropriately, and know whether your partner is eligible to apply for the Green Card through marriage.

Incomplete Application for your Green Card through marriage

Be careful while filling up the immigration form. Every bit of information needs to be provided properly in the allotted fields in order to get a Green Card.

A common mistake in the submission of a form is keeping it unsigned. Double check every detail in your application before submitting the form.

Filing non-English documents without translations

Although it seems like an obvious thing, you have to make sure that every document, in any language other than English, is accompanied by an English translation.

Birth certificates, any educational certificates or any document in a language other than English needs to have an English translation.

Medical exam of a doctor not approved by the USCIS

A part of this process is undergoing the medical exam by a USCIS approved doctor. The I 485 application should be sealed with the original reports of the examination from the doctor. Even a copy of the medical examination should be kept for future reference.

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