H1B visa is highly sought after by foreign professionals and U.S. employers for their multitude of benefits. These non-immigrant visas are intended for workers who possess special skills, often requiring an advanced degree.

This visa is very competitive, so it requires that all applicants follow a specific H1B visa process.

There are two main components involved in the H1B visa process. The first is getting sponsored by a U.S. employer. Without a petitioning employer, you can’t follow through with the remaining steps. The second major part is for the employer to receive an approved Labor Condition Application.

That being said, We’ll tell you the top H1B Visa filing tips!

Get your petition soon

It’s ideal to submit as soon as possible your petition. Procrastinating is not recommended at all. In past years, the H1B season has been open for only a short period of time. In fact, due to the staggering numbers of petitions filed each year, the lottery window is typically only open for the first 5 business days after the USCIS begins filing petitions.

File petitions with multiple employers

It’s well known that USCIS will revoke/deny any duplicated petitions they receive that is filed by an employer for one individual. However, you’re allowed to submit petitions for multiple employers.

This can increase your chances of being selected. Also, you can transfer your employment once your petition has been improved.

Your Salary must Qualify

The salary also has to be competitive — at the minimum, it has to be the prevailing wage for that job that’s paid in the workplace’s geographic location.

Double check all mailing addresses and sections that require a signature

It’s easy to overlook a section or neglect to sign an important section. Be sure to double check all relevant fields for the proper information, including addresses and signatures.

Part-time workers can also file an H1B visa petition

Many are surprised to learn that H1Bs are not limited to only full-time specialty workers. When it comes to the number of hours you can work on the visa, it’s pretty flexible so if you are a part-time worker apply!

The Employer Must Pay Processing Costs

All visa processing costs are required to be paid by the employer. Some employers try to obtain monies from the H1B applicant, however, the employer can get debarred and the applicant’s visa can be revoked if that’s the case. Be careful and try to know everything about the employer you’re going to work with.

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