It appears as if news regarding ICE agents continues to bombard our community. Last week, ICE agents were seen outside of the courthouse in Bronx and Queens, dressed like normal civilians. This week, They were found in Mount Kisco, New York and some wearing a police uniform. Mount Kisco is a town located in Westchester County.

Two men from Guatemala were outside their home, waiting for their transportation to work. The agents were in the area searching for other individuals. They approached the two men and William Schweppe, a local resident, started video recording.

The purpose of the video was to ensure agents were following adequate protocol. After ICE questioned the two men they proceeded to check their status and ultimately took them into custody.

Neither men demonstrated resistance but did fully comply with the agents. Sadly, ICE agents were searching for other individuals but opted to take the two men without any warrant issued.

This incident is not the first nor will it be the last. It’s important to stress the rights, every individual has. Many immigration advocates strongly suggest remaining silent.

Should ICE agents appear at your door, not to open the door. More information will be posted.

Telemundo Reporting:  ICE arresta a inmigrantes guatemaltecos en Mount Kisco

Full Video via Facebook: William Schweppe ICE video