On Monday, Thomas D. Homan, confirmed he’d be retiring from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency in June. Thomas D. Homan has been a strong advocate for Trumps tough immigration policies and sanctioning “sanctuary cities.” Even calling on the Justice Department to prosecute local officials who refuse to cooperate with the ICE agency.

Mr. Homan said it was an honor to lead the men and women of ICE for more than a year. His decision to retire is primarily focused on his family stating, “The decision to leave federal service after more than 34 years is bittersweet, but my family has sacrificed a lot in order for me to serve and it’s time for me to focus on them.”

From Police Officer to ICE director

Prior to becoming the acting director for ICE, Mr. Homan was police officer in New York. His work with immigration started as a U.S Border Patrol agent and later a special agent with Immigration and Naturalization Service. The agency would later have transferred in 2003 and separated into three sections under the Department of Homeland Security.


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