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EZ Testimonials: Alicia Norman* Shares Her Experience With Domestic Violence

Domestic violence leaves women feeling vulnerable and paralyzed. Women with no legal status, often find themselves scared to speak up. The abuser finds their way to control their time, money and even appearance. Abusers may also have violent outbursts that may eventually lead to physical violence.

Alicia Norman* contacted our office looking for help after […]

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Ms. Jimenez Also Earned Her Bachelor’s Degree!

Happy Friday! Our office wants to congratulate another Mercy College graduate, Ms. Jimenez. Ms. Jimenez earned her bachelor’s degree in Legal Studies. She was recognized by the Legal Studies Honors program.
“I admire my parents for not only leaving Mexico but working rough sometimes discriminating jobs. I thank them for their sacrifice and for never […]

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First-Generation Graduate

In honor of graduation season, we want to congratulate Ms. Carchi for her accomplishment. Ms. Carchi earned her bachelor’s degree from Mercy College in Behavioral Science. She is also a member of the Pi Gamma Mu honor society. In her family, she is a first-generation graduate.

Ms. Carchi’s parents
Yet, all her accomplishments wouldn’t have been […]

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Can You Bring Your Parents to Live in the U.S?

One of the most frequent young immigrants have after obtaining their Green Card is whether they can bring their parents to live here. So, can you bring your parents to the United States?.

Susy had this doubt and she wrote us this message days ago:
Susy: I am about to turn 22 years old and recently completed my […]

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Head of ICE to Retire

On Monday, Thomas D. Homan, confirmed he’d be retiring from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency in June. Thomas D. Homan has been a strong advocate for Trumps tough immigration policies and sanctioning “sanctuary cities.” Even calling on the Justice Department to prosecute local officials who refuse to cooperate with the ICE agency.

Mr. Homan […]

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Federal Judge gives DHS 90 Days!

What could be considered a bittersweet moment for many Dreamers! The pending decision to rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) instated by former President Barack Obama, has reached a halt. The U.S government found the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) did not provide a substantial reason as to why it should be […]

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ICE detains two men they were NOT searching for

It appears as if news regarding ICE agents continues to bombard our community. Last week, ICE agents were seen outside of the courthouse in Bronx and Queens, dressed like normal civilians. This week, They were found in Mount Kisco, New York and some wearing a police uniform. Mount Kisco is a town located in […]

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Westchester County speaks: “Don’t Deport My Mommy”

Westchester County has seen the struggle many immigrants face. The discrimination, separation but also a sign of hope from members of the community. Very few have decided to publicly speak about their refuge from immigration authorities.

One of the few of Westchester County community is Aura Hernandez, a Guatemalan immigrant and a mother. In doing so, she […]

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Westchester County Immigrant Protection Act

On Monday, March 12th, the Westchester County board of legislators voted 11-3 to sign the Immigrant Protect Act. The bipartisan act aims to protect confidential information of all Westchester county residents, regardless of status.
Westchester County Executive George Latimer stated, “The Board of Legislators came together in a bi-partisan way, with the assistance of law […]

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Immigration Interview



A marriage petition is an entire process made up of gathering evidence, demonstrating to an immigration officer the bonafide marriage and patiently awaiting the next step. The immigration officer will ask a series of questions, that can be overwhelming. Mr. Garcia and his wife took the initiative to contact immigration attorney, Mr. Binder. Mr. Binder was able to offer his extensive experience as well as expertise on the nature of the case. When the interview day came, as expected both seemed anxious but were not intimidated by the officers. Instead relied on experienced attorney, Mr. Binder to prepare them for the  interview.

For more information regarding marriage petitions or interview preparation, please visit out website. For any questions concerning marriage petitions or other immigration matters, feel free to call us at (888) 959-1022.


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