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Ms. Jimenez Also Earned Her Bachelor’s Degree!

Happy Friday! Our office wants to congratulate another Mercy College graduate, Ms. Jimenez. Ms. Jimenez earned her bachelor’s degree in Legal Studies. She was recognized by the Legal Studies Honors program.
“I admire my parents for not only leaving Mexico but working rough sometimes discriminating jobs. I thank them for their sacrifice and for never […]

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First-Generation Graduate

In honor of graduation season, we want to congratulate Ms. Carchi for her accomplishment. Ms. Carchi earned her bachelor’s degree from Mercy College in Behavioral Science. She is also a member of the Pi Gamma Mu honor society. In her family, she is a first-generation graduate.

Ms. Carchi’s parents
Yet, all her accomplishments wouldn’t have been […]

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Can You Bring Your Parents to Live in the U.S?

One of the most frequent young immigrants have after obtaining their Green Card is whether they can bring their parents to live here. So, can you bring your parents to the United States?.

Susy had this doubt and she wrote us this message days ago:
Susy: I am about to turn 22 years old and recently completed my […]

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Head of ICE to Retire

On Monday, Thomas D. Homan, confirmed he’d be retiring from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency in June. Thomas D. Homan has been a strong advocate for Trumps tough immigration policies and sanctioning “sanctuary cities.” Even calling on the Justice Department to prosecute local officials who refuse to cooperate with the ICE agency.

Mr. Homan […]

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